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Hello , for the past week now i have been suffereing with a swollan red sore itchy vagina lips around the hole and just inside aswell as down the bottom of the hole,i have had an sti check while with my partner an we have been together 2 years so i know its not that. i have been to see my local doctor told her the symtoms an she just give me some antibiotics with out no exaimintion i have been taking them for over 4 days now an nothing has changed. I am in alot of pain i just want to scratch my self raw but if the antibioitcs ant working then what else could it be ? i have been looking it up an seems like a yeast infection but surely that would lcear up with the antibioics ? some please help im just worried it might be something more serious.


so do i i have the same its just got bigger and im 14 so i have had no sexual expericence as suc but its so sore  and i scared it might be some form of disease