I had spinal fusion surgery on Feb 15th 2010. I am two months out. When I woke up in hospital from surgery. My pain was completely gone. I was having so much pain prior to the surgery that I was ready to commit suicide. It was awful. I had level one fusion, disc,fracture, stenosis. I was so happy with the outcome. My doctor told me I could not drive, lift twist , turn etc for at least 3 months. I have very tried very hard to follow his orders. AlsoI have a brace thatI am suppose to wear any time I am up. I only wear it when I go out becasue when i aminthe house I do very little excep stiand lay flat on my back in bed;however lately Ihave noticed my bAck is hurting a little more like muscular pain and a little in my left thigh. When it wasat it's wrst prior to surgery I would have shootin pains in my left leg and spasms in my butt. That's all gone plue the numbness, tinglling ect. I am 65 have arthritis in my knees and they have been hurting a little too. Lately I have tried to do more house work. I am worried that I have done permanent damage to the fusion and this surgery is for naught. My pain prior to surgery was +10 the went to 0. I would say now it's 2 but the pain totally different. More loike soreness. Can someone explain and reassure me that I have not done something to jeapordize the fusion. Should i stay bed more?