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I had fusion surgery on s1,l5 and l4 with 2 rods and screws on Sept 8. I am currently wearing a back brace(for approx. 3 to 4 months)from time of surgery.I am walking about 1 mile 3x a day.Are there any stretching or strengthening exercises that I can do,or is it still too soon.



I had spinal fusion surgery in december 2004 involving l4,l5 and s1. The only stretching exercises i was doing in the first few months post surgery were those that the physiotherapist had taught after the surgery in hospital i.e. simple leg raising and foot flexing exercises. The spine is too weak for you to be doing any major stretching at this stage.

I was going for walks covering the same distance as you initially and then after 4 months, I was walking 2-3 miles a day.

Just remember that it gets better, slowly and gradually as the healing takes place and dont rush things.

Take care



Can someone that has had spinal surgery email me. Just have a couple of questions on my post recovery. Thanks

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Appreciate it.