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Happened this way that we just didn't have condom. I was inside here for like 10 min, than pulled it out and ejaculated on her. Than we slept for like 3 hours and we did this again. I was inside her for another 10 min and also didn't ejaculated inside her. After, we went to have a breakfast and she didn't go to shower to wash her vagina. 

Is there a high chance of getting her pregnant?  

Im fearing that some sperm went inside her from my penis, coz i didn't pee nor washed it off before having sex for the second time.   

I know the % of getting her pregnant is low and I should be worrying about sexually transmitted diseases more. But i still worry, i don't want to become a father yet. Yeah, I did a silly thing, i will be more careful next time and condoms for sure! 


Pre-cum can contain active sperm in most men and cause pregnancy. When you ejaculated on her could any of it have dripped down onto her vagina? Having sex for the second time will cause your pre-cum to contain more active sperm than the first sexual encounter. Even if she went into the shower and washed up the sperm would of already been in her vagina swimming into her tubes or already in her tubes. Was she ovulating around the time of the sexual encounter? Is she on some kind of birth control? Was the sexual encounter less than 72 hours ago? If it was less than 72 hours ago and she feels the same about having a baby then she could take an emergency contraceptive pill if shes not on birth control. Some STD's will have no signs or symptoms until a break out or even years later. You should get tested right away. Good Luck and hope it works out for you