Last cycle start: June 12 Last cycle end: June 18 Suspected ovulation day for next cycle: June 24 Day of risk event: June 24 (day 13 of next cycle) Projected next period: July 5-8th (days 24-28 of next cycle)

I fooled around with my girlfriend naked on her suspected ovulation day (day 13) based on her cycle calendar. Her sex drive was lower than normal. I had not ejaculated at all prior to this event and also urinated hours before hand. We had outercourse on a bed with her lying underneath me in a missionary position and in the heat of the moment I began to leak precum from my tip. I recognized this and was constantly wiping it off with tissue. However careful I was I noticed that precum was still leaking and splashing forward around her belly button. I continued to wipe this off and then proceed to continue rubbing my shaft and lower head of my member on her vagina and clit, consciously attempting to stay away from her vaginal opening with my tip. At one point the head and tip of my penis dipped below her clitoral hood and hit the upper inside part of her vagina/inner labia minor (not the opening to her vaginal canal - I did not penetrate her vagina) right near the clitoris. I had been wiping off my tip the entire time, but was not totally sure if I was "dry" in that particular moment.

I did not begin to ejaculate until 5-10 minutes afterwards and did so far away from her vagina. We stopped immediately after ejaculation and did not make any further attempt or risk of sexual touching after that.

Her last cycle began on June 12 and ended totally June 18. This specific event occurred on June 24th (suspected ovulation day #13) and we are now approaching the due date for her period (days 27/28). While she is not technically late, she normally is consistently "early" as she will begin her period on day 24 (4-6 days early from her normally projected menstruation), she did not start her period yet and it is now day 26.

She has been experiencing bloating, nausea, fatigue, increased urination, emotional sadness, acne breakouts on face, sensitive breasts, mild/light cramping, and occasional mild headaches. She had a normal cycle and menstruation last month. She has been having on and off mild cramping for the last three days (days 23,24,25), had a lowered immunity and light sore throat around days 21-22 (July 2-3), and recently took a week long vacation 200 miles from home, eating new food, and disrupting her normal sleep schedule July 1 and will travel back home July 8 (tomorrow). All things considered I would suspect the risk of pregnancy is low, but not totally ruled out because we suspect her ovulation happened either on or close to our intimate encounter and Im not totally sure if my precum got up under her upper vaginal hood where the clitoris protrudes or not. So with her being "later" than she normally would and experiencing all these symptoms that can easily be PMS or mistaken for pregnancy symptoms, which are already eerily similar, and her traveling to a new city for the week, what would you all advise? What are your thoughts and experience? We know this was an irresponsible move and will use greater caution moving forward, but we are looking for some peace of mind or words of wisdom as to our next steps. Any and all comments and thoughts are welcome. Thank you!