Me and my husband -28, ttc for almost 2 years , 1 year ago found out rt tube was blocked and left ovary had 6cm cyst.Tube was unblocked easily ,no surgery needed. Cyst disappeared within 2 months after diagnosed, confirmed by transv. US. Brown spotting while having the cyst 12-5 days prior period. After the cyst disappeared spotting went down to 2-3 days. It's been 8 month since im being healthy, with no probl. but no baby yet and spotting is still present. My dr gave me 3 month after the tubal procedure to conceive naturaly and then 2 months of clomid 100 mg with triggerr shot with no success. My husband has been tested with low morphology 3/4 strict criteria but dr is not to concerned.I am concerned that I have spotting considering that I am healthy , I don't drink or smoke , 52kg. Pap smear and blood test day 2,3 of period completed while having the cyst last year yet came back ok as per Dr. Please help me ! My dr is saying there's no need to be concerned re :spotting, but its constantly on my mind , and not being able to conceive is making me depressed and hopeless .