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Okay so I had sex on February 22nd 2012 and today is September 21st 2012 Ive had my periods ever single time. And I took a test in april and it said not pregnant. But this month I had some brown spotting around September 11th through the 13th and it scared me my last period started on august 22nd. I've only had sex once(February 22nd) and since then me and my bf have just done small things as in fingering etc. and it just scares me that the brown spotting stuff. Every time we so something we are very careful. And he says hes pretty sure im not pregnant! I've only had my period for a few years so my body could still be changing or something. Please give me your opinions!


You could very well just be ovulating. It is very common to have red, brown, or light pink spotting inbetween periods during ovulation time. This doesn't mean you will spot every time you ovulate, it just depends on your body.