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hi all,

i started taking duromine 30mg yesturday. i was soo nervous as i have never taken anything like it before. as the pill started to work (about 2hrs after taking it) i started feeling a bit spacey and had more energy then normal- almost like feeling tipsy. i found i was really sweaty during the day. i ate cereal for breaky, avocado and crackers for lunch and a piece of wholegrain toast with vegemite for dinner. i drank 2litres of water- i was so thirsty! around 3pm (6hrs after taking) i started to feel tired and a bit of a headache so took some paracetamol. had a 20min cat nap at 530pm and then went to bed at 10pm. i found i was soo tired by that time and fell straight to sleep until my other half came to bed around 12pm and woke me up and then it started- i couldnt sleep i was tossing and turning all night long. i got about 4hrs sleep in the morning once my body was settled.

Day one weight: 102.5kg

Waist measurement: 89cm



Hows it been going?