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Ok so two days ago on august first i had a allergic reaction, this is the first major reaction that I’ve ever had, and oh btw I’m 18 years old (this also may be the only allergic reaction I’ve ever had, because I’m not sure how to tell :s). So this happened right after i ate dinner, i had meat, tomatoes, eggs, rice and cucumbers. Like 10 mins later my stomach starting hurting A LOT so i went to the washroom, as I was in the washroom my face started to itch and got really hot, within minutes there was a bunch of mosquitoes like bites all over my face and some on my upper body. However after i used the washroom they seemed to not be as bad, however I’m not sure if it was because i went to the washroom that got rid of the mosquito like bites or just my natural body because i went to sleep not long after.

The morning of the next day I thought everything was fine, however when i was walking to the bus stop i felt a little weird in my chest if i took a deep breath but i thought it was nothing so i ignored it.
It was my first day actually working after training, so i put in 110% of my effort taking my lunch almost at 3pm (I started at 9 yesterday). by 3pm i kind of felt like there was something in my throat, well like it just felt really weird, but i thought that was because i talked to much (I work as a bank teller) and my lack of water. After i had lunch and water i felt a little better.

By the time i left my work, i felt like i couldn't breathe fully, it felt like something was clogged in my air way. When i got home and drank water, it only made things worse, now my stomach was also hurting and i was no longer able to keep my back straight as it would cause chest pains, however at this point my throat was not hurting yet, it just felt like it was clogged. I sat on a chair for about 20 mins and then I had a few large burps and that seemed to have gotten rid of my stomach pains. I didn't eat much dinner, and went to bed very early.

By the time I was in bed I have extreme throat pains when i shallow anything, it hurts when you touch it (only the front), and it even hurts if i don't touch it, however it didn’t seem to affect my speaking to much. Also my chest was in a lot of pain, especially when i try to stand straight or take deep breaths. (throat is hurting more then my chest)

I drank some Chinese herbal medicine and took a Tylenol.

I was just wondering if someone could tell me if this sounds like just a common flu and if there anything I should do that will help my body feel better faster it would be much appreciated. Thanks

OH in addition it's been really hot here, at like 30 degrees C

Thanks again

and one more thing, i feel very tired body wise not as much as sleepy but like tired like after a long work out (But this may be due to my lack of eating dinner) and i had a slight and still do have a slight headache


Well you should have your sinuses checked out for an infection. Maybe you were just having a food allergy or the food you ate triggered all of these systems to react. How are you now though?