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I had sex with a condom and while in the process I felt a short burning feeling near the head of my penis...after sex, I checked the condom and it was not broken. Regardless, The next day I felt a slight burning feeling near the head of my penis. I also had 2 small dots on the rim of the hood of my penis. I went to my GP doctor that day and had blood and urine tests. He said the 2 dots were normal...even though I never had them before.
MY GP gave me Tetracycline. 3 days later, all the tests came back negativie while my condition slowly felt worse. I started feeling inflamation in my urertha and burning in my rectum. I returned to the doctor and he referred me to a urologist.

The urologist did blood and urine test to check for all stds..again all the tests came back negative. He also checked my prostate and did a culture test. He said I might have slight Prostatitis and put me Levaquin. After 3 weeks, my condition worsened. I had pain and inflammation in the scrotum and a very itchy rectum, plus mild burning after urination or ejaculation.

After another week with little to no releif, I returned and asked for prescription Metronidazole. I explained that my symptoms resembled Trichomoniasis...all except I have no discharge. I tryed Metronidazole(even though my urologist said "good luck with that") But it did help a little with the itching.

It was been 6 weeks now and my symptoms still come and go...I feel frustrated and depressed. The next step is to get a scope...But, now I am afraid I might be suffering from Nonbacterial prostatitis...which there seems to be very little western medicine knows how to treat.

Any thoughts would be more then appreciated.


After 2 years and numerous regimes of antibiotics, i am convinced that some of these difficult cases are the result of "junk" and calcification built up inside the prostate. I had a definate infection at first which I improperly treated with only half a dose of Cipro (feels better - guess I dont have to take this anymore- duh) Unfortunately the prostate appears to be very incapable of clearing waste products of bacteria and antibiotics. After 2 years my symptoms have subsided significantly. Heres what worked. Beta Sitesterol - sippository to start then oral. Magnesium oil rubbed into the perineum ( and if you can stand the burn at first- even into the rectum) And Most Important- have your Urologist or GP give you a 3-5 minute Prostate Massage. Drink lots of water. The ability to break up and clear away the "concretions (think gall stones) inside the prostate have given me swift and substantial relief. I have tried many other things / IV Nano Silver, IV hydrogen peoxide / massive doses of garlic - golden seal / cannon loads of Cipro/ Bactrim / Zithro / 20,000 IU daily iv Vit D. - at some point the next step was pain meds or a rope! Once the bacteria is killed off I believe the pain comes from accumulated waste. I have had 5 massages in last 18 months at cost of $150 each. Massage is cheap and quick - watch diet - no calcium/ cheeses - beta sitesterol/ topical magnesium to help clear the calcium. And you may find relief ( not cure yet) like i did. So nice not to feel that debilitating pain!