Hello I am 19 years old
About 4 weeks ago i had un protected sex with this girl. A couple days after that I had a discharge from my penis and a tingling feeling when urinating. So i went to the clinic to go get myself checked for an std about a week in a half to 2 weeks after. They gave me a single dose of zithromax after that painful swab test and the blood test. now its been about a week in a half since then. They havent called me back with the results but i had symptoms of chlamydia. After i took the medication there a couple days after the discharge went away and the urination eventually stopped tingling. What a relief it was.
Now heres the problem. About 3 or 4 days ago, this girl i had been seeing on and off had given me masturbation(ha****b), i thought i could not get an std from this. I hope. But today and yesterday my bladder has felt weird and ive been having this feel to urinate a lot. But just a feel. I have been urinating the same.
The question is am I infected again somehow? Or is it just in my head?
I heard that a lot of masturbation or squeezing the penis or touching it to see if there is a discharge doesnt help. But ive been freaking out and ive masturbated a bit and been checking a lot for discharge because i wanted to see if it came back. No discharge and No burning or tingling urinating, what is it?
Please Help I am in constant worry
Thank you