I tested positive for Chlamydia on Friday from my blood test, but I was negative on my urine test. (I'm very confindent as to when I contracted it seeing as how I remember the unprotected sex I had and when it was, about 2+ months ago.) Weird, but my doctor decided to treat me to be safe and im glad he did because I had been feeling uncomfortable in my penis, groin area for a few weeks now. I took 4 tablets of 250 mg Azithromycin (Generic for Zithromax) in one dose. The next day I felt loads better. The pain had subsided and my overall wellbeing felt much better and I thought to myself "ok, Chlamydia gone, now I can move on" But no. 2 days later I am feeling uncomfortable in my penis and groin. Slight burning while urinating and small but constant pain in my right testicle. I plan to see a Urologist this week to discuss the problem further, BUT WTF! Does this infection just persist forever!? I have read alot of the articles on this site and its terrible the way this infection just comes right back. Of course I am having terrible anxiety about infertility and such and the wellbeing of my genitals. Any input, help or similer experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you all, live well!