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I am a male and i was exposed to sexual contact with another male about 2 months ago. It was primarily just fondling and oral but no anal.A week later i notice consistent muscle twitching all over my body as well as joint pain.He told me that he didnt have anything but after a week i started to notice weird symptoms. i urged him to get another STD test . While he was getting his test done, i had my done about 3 weeks after exposure; all stds and  hsv 1/2 IGG and IGM  all came back negative. about a week after that i started to notice swollen lymph nodes on my groin and started to feel random inconsistent stings in my genitals but still no sores or lesions. He then got his results back and he came out positive for HSV 1. About 2 weeks after that i had another full STD test a long with HSV 1/2 IGM, and  CBC, which all came back negative and normal. Its been 2 months and still i have not seen any lesions or sores and no pain while urinating but still to this day i experience random inconsistent stings and chronic non-stop twitching and joint pains.He did not have any sores on his mouth or genitals when i saw him. Could i have still contracted herpes or could it just be a virus even though these are not common symptoms ?my body aches would stay there for a while before an outbreak and subside after the outbreak if i had something ? and if someone had hsv 2 would and oral was given to them would it come back is hsv 2 on lips or hsv 1? a


I honestly don't know how to answer this but I can tell you that almost everyone have some form of herpes. If you do have it, it might very very minuscule and dormant.