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If you have always wanted to contribute to your community but didn’t know how, here is your chance! is setting up a Breast Cancer Prevention Initiative campaign to help with educating and raising awareness about the importance of regular breast cancer testing and early diagnosis and its impact on the breast cancer survival rates.

How many great people as well as our loved ones have we lost due to this disease? If you could contribute to lowering these figures, or save at least one life, how would that make you feel? Great, right?

Become a volunteer and save lives! It won’t take any of your free time but you could get your word travel far! Join NOW by clicking on the following link! Breast Cancer Prevention Initiative


Do not take danazol if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. A method of birth control (contraception) other than oral contraceptives should be used while taking danazol. If you become pregnant, call your doctor immediately. Life-threatening strokes, increased pressure in the brain, and serious liver disease complicated by potentially life-threatening abdominal bleeding have been reported during therapy with danazol. Talk to your doctor about the potential risks associated with this medication.