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Ok My Boyfriend && I Have Been Together For 3 Years And We Have A Beautiful Daughter Together. The Problem-->>His Parents, Especially His Mom.

I Love The Lady To Death But I Can NOT Stand How Childish && Lazy She Is And She's In Her Mid 50's. We By No Means Live With Them But She's Always Depending On Us To Run Them To Do There Errands, Take Loans Out For Them (She Won't Ask Me Just Her Son, My Boyfriend) And Take Them Places When We Both Work Full-Tim && Go To School Full-Time On Top Of Taking Care Of Our Daughter. I Can Not Stand How Fast My Boyfriend Runs To Do Every Little Thing For Them. She's On Crutches But We Don't Even Know Why! Her && Her Husband Are Licensed Social Workers Both Worked For DHS. Her Husband Quit Working To Go Back To School To Get His Master But She Quit Bcuz She Didn't Feel Like Working Anymore, It Got To Boring For Her. Like WTF!? And Then There Asking Us To Take Out Loans Because They Can't Pay The Bills And His Sister && Her Husband Do It Too! The Whole Side Of My Boyfriends Family Are Licensed Social Workers!!! And There Always Asking Us For Help When We Haven't Even Reached Our Degrees Yet! So Thats One Thing

I Know They're My Daughters Grandparents And They Love Her To Death. But I Will Not Let Them Babysit My Daugher Because Of The Things She Continues To Do && See's Nothing Wrong In It And Her Husbands Takes Up For Her (She Could Murder Someone && He Would Say Well He Made Her Do It). She Has Never Taked Responsibility For Her Actions. Its Starting To Take A Toll On My Relationship With My Boyfriend Because He Thinks I'm Punishing His Family, But I'm Not I'm Trying To Be Rational. She Confides To Him With Everything Because He's More Understanding Then Her Daughter. Thats Why I Know All These Things && Have Seen Them 1st Hand Also. And Believe Me We've Had Every Talk Under The Sun With Her && Get Nothing.

True Examples Of Her Actions
1. Got Her Back Window Shot Out, Yes Shot Out Because She Wanted To Take Her Friends Son To Pick Up Weed && He Got Into An Altercation.
2. She Has A Pitbull (Which I Hate That Dog). Her Dog Wasn't Chained Up && Took Off Chasing A Neighbor Dog That Accidently Got Out His House. Her Pit Bull Ran In The Middle Of Traffic && Almost Got Hit So She Jumps In Her Car (Left Her House Door Open && Everything) && Drives To That Neighbors House && Starts Shouting Obscenity's To The Man, They Exchange Words && He Starts To Walk Into His House && She Yells "Your Mother Must Be Happy To Be Dead Because I Don't See Why Anyone WOuld Want A Son Like You'. The Mans Mom Died The Prevous Week. As She Tells Me This Story She Bust Out Laughing When She Said What She Told Him. I Can Say I Was Truley Disgusted.

3. She Smokes && I Don't Want My Baby Around Or Smelling Like That. They Don't Have Money To Pay There Bills But Always Find A Way To Buy Cartons Of Cigarettes.

4. She's Had An Extra Marital Affair. It Broke My Boyfriends Heart && She Didn't Care What He Said Because SHE'S The One Thats Not Happy. But Stay With Her Husband Becuase He Takes Care Of Everything!

She Doesn't Seem To Understand After All These Incidents I'm Not Going To Just Hand Over My Daughter. My Relationship With My Boyfriend Is Wonderful Except For When It Comes To This. I Know It's Our Daughter But He Tells Me Oh She's Changed Everything Will Be Okay. But I'm Not Willing To Take A Chance On My Childs Well-Being && Recently I Found Out She's Been Tell Him That I Said It Was Ok For Her To Babysit && It Gets Us Into Huge Fights. I Just Wanna Live Happily Without The Interruptions. Ugh I Just Don't What Else To Do >:(..........Thanks For Listening.


Sometimes it helps to have a good rant and let off some steam.

I can see exactly where your coming from; I'm no counsellor but it may help if you sit down and have a good heart-to-heart with your boyfriend.

There's some experienced contributors on the forum who I'm certain will pop by here.


I agree having a heart to heart with your bf may help. Trying a venting forum like You'll get more responses from people going through a similar situation.