i am 18 years old, and for 6-7 weeks now i have just had this feeling of being pregnant I have not missed a period, but the periods I have, had have been a red-brownish colour and a lot lighter than normal and with no clogging, I normally have really bad and heavy periods, which are normally bright red in colour and very clogged. this is a list of the sypmtoms that i have been having, and most of them are pregnancy related:-

Bloating especially after eating
Feeling tired a lot more than usual
Feel sick more in the evenings (not been sick though)
Hurts when I lie on my stomach
Change in appetite – carnt manage to eat a full plate of dinner anymore
Get hungrier more during the day, and need to snack
Experienceing hot flushes
Constant lower back ache
Frequent headaches
Become more emotional
i have also felt slight movement in my lower abdomen and some twinges, i somtimes have like a pulling sensation near my belly button as well.
i took one home pregnancy urine test, about 5 weeks ago, but it was negative just wondering whether i should take another urine test and whether it would work because im still getting periods (or what seems like a period), i have heard of decidal bleeding during pregnancy could this be it??!! PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME IM SOOOO CINFUSED ANY ADVICE OR OPINIONS ARE GREATLY WELCOMED. THANKYOU XXXX