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If you're a bullie lover, then you should really learn about these natural ways to deal with their unavoidable acne.

Bulldog acne. Have you ever heard of such a silly thing? Well, if you’re a bullie owner then you know it’s not silly at all. The poor things are permanently stuck in a weird stage of adolescence and can often be found with raised red bumps all over their chins and around their jowls.

It’s a very common occurrence, most bulldogs experience it. It can calm down at times and flare up during others and no one really understands why. But there’s usually things you can pin down and find about your specific pet that may be the culprit of their acne flaring up.

About the Breed

Bulldogs are rated the best dog breed for families with small children. They’re smart, compassionate, and very lovable. Contrary to popular belief, they’re really not slobbery. Most of their saliva is contained within their massive jowls and only comes out when they’re playing or eating.

Bulldogs are known for being emotionally sensitive so they definitely need an owner who will love and care for them the way they deserve. They have been known to be protective of their owners, especially kids, but are generally a calm, non-threatening breed.

They have short hairs and have minimal shedding so they’re great indoor dogs. Their only downfall is that they constantly need something to chew. And you better believe a regular squeak toy won’t cut it! Look for solid rubber balls and toys to keep them entertained for a long while.

Why Do They Get Acne?

Like I said before, when a bulldog plays and eats, that’s when you see the saliva and massive amount of drool come out. It soaks up any food particles, dust, dirt, germs, etc. from playing and then covers their face. This clogs their little pores and gets trapped under their fur and within their cute face wrinkles.

And what happens when you have a dirty face that can’t be cleaned? You get breakouts, right? Same goes for the little guys. You’ll begin to see raised and sometimes inflamed red bumps covering their chins and jawline. This makes it terribly uncomfortable for them to eat and drink.

There’s lots of medication you can get to treat your bulldog’s acne, but often the culprit is in the home and will just cause more and more breakouts. So, use these natural ways to treat and keep your dog’s acne at bay.

Wash Their Face

Wash their face with warm water and disinfectant soap each day. I find in the evenings to be the best time as they won’t be eating anymore until morning. This just clears away any dirt, germs, and food bits from clogging the pores and keeps their little faces nice and clean.

You can also try lathering up your hands and getting right in there to deep clean all other crevices the jowls create. It’s important to give a nice, all-over clean because things can tuck away in those wrinkles.

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