ok, for 2 years now i believe i got all drunk and fell off of a deck and i blacked out. woke up in sever pain and blacked out again. and then ever since ive had this wierd stomach pain and now when ever i go number 2 its somtimes runy. but normally looks normal. i was told there inflammed lymph nodes or maybe lucimia and my docotr said it may be a chronic muscle disorder. i just want to know that im not dealing with some thing fatal. if anyone coudl tell me what may be the problem would help me out.

-The deck was about 16 inches off the ground.?
-i can forget about the pain thats sometimes usually there?
-should i stop eating and recover some nautral ways?
-could i have bled internally and damage something important?

i just really need help, im worried about death and such becuase im only 19 and just paranoid. ive heard that if u think about it enough it can form into something real.