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Hi, my ct scan showed this above result.

Doc gave me stool softener. But my history is, mom died of colon cancer in '00, aged 61. I'm scared I may have it?? I dont know the genetic link nor if it was -- non polyps or polyps gene related familial.

I'm good shape, 5'8, 170-ish lbs, good bodyfat near 9-10% or so, 47 yrs old, white male, very good fruit/veggies diet. I dont eat red meat, or any fats (no bad fats like mom nor junkfood of any kind other than oats or popcorn, no processed foods or breads at all, either) other than walnuts, nuts, olive oil, fish oil, etc. No smokes, sometimes a beer or wine.

I workout alot. Feel ok other than cramping & bloating & electric like pains, (over last 3 wks on & off during some days) shooting in the abdomen from time to time. Also, supra-pubic and mild-moderate pains that make me feel like my bladder is full -- yet its not. Aoke a few months back w/ full bladder and ache/pain in bladder area. Thought it was bladder pain. But after ct scan a few wks later, I learned it could be a distended colon and thus, maybe bladder pushes against it at night when I have this urinary frequency and I awake with pain/tenderness in supra-pubic/bladder area. Could this be a lower colon problem, that a bladder presses against to cause more discomfort or pain??

No prior history of GI probs other than bloating & cramping/flatulence when eating alot of popcorn, or uncooked oats (have been eating this way for yrs to reduce glycemic index & thus insulin response to keep healthy blood sugar leves, unlike dad who's 72 yrs old, ex smoker, drinker, overweight now from eating rather than smoking & controls Type 2 diabetes via meds rather than solely diet alone), broccoli,etc. Had hemoglobin A1C done in May and was 5.1, so no diabetes seen.

Did have severe GI cramps way back in 2/'03 & ct scan at ER showed nothing. Was given some kind of med in pill form, that seemed to help in a day or so, as I recall. Dont know what GI cocktail it was called then, way back in 2/03.

The hist. of colon cancer in mom scares me!!! She had colonoscopy in '99 --- yet cancer was so far up intestines, it wasnt seen! Then when found months later it was stage 4 metastisis.

Spoke to gastro doc & she will do colonscopy & EGD scope soon (never had either yet & am REALLY worried here of findings). Also, I have very faint left side pain near left flank but ct scan ruled out kidney probs. I also had cytoscopy last wk up urethra for frequent urination but it was ok, thus bladder is fine. Prostate is a bit enlarged but not causing these probs says my uro doc. Gastro doc also said, "its 2 very different things going on here w/ stomach distended AND colon distended."

Are they possibly unrelated, as one is food being absorbed or broken down & the other being stored as waste & not able to be removed via lower colon?? Also I had right testicle pain a yr or so ago, & possible variocele was found according to another ER doc. Been ok since w/out pains. But have a rash under right testes near groin, that itches a bit over last few months when sweaty.

Its all up to my gastro doc to find out my probs. Anyone have these diffuse type pain sympstoms? Bowels move ok but seem crampy. Stool is not abnormal color or size or texture really, & is better/larger w/ stool softner. But this cant be used forever nor is it getting to root cause. The ct scan on 9/27/07 showed this distention, & er doc gave me a stool soft. to help. But I never really felt constipated yet had all this "VERY distended food in stomach & feces in colon", said ct scan on 9/27/07.

GI doc today over phone said "most likely not ulcerative colitis or other diarrhea type problems" as there's no watery stool nor tarry or blood in stool, or dark, or other color. Also, she didn't think its a motility prob but wasn't sure if a poss. metabolic problem. I'm not sure what that means really. It is not pharmacologic in nature, as I take no meds (aspirin only if a very bad headache AND very, very infrequently) nor have I changed diet or vitamin habits, etc.

I assume at least thus, nothing immediately suggesting extremely altered bowel movements or advanced colo-rectal cancer, I hope. Food can be seen in the stool though as of tonight -- like popcorn kernels, veggies, beans or rice, etc. Maybe a digestive/absorption prob?

Too much ruffage, etc?

Anyone help me here? Thanks alot.


Have you found out anymore on what was going on. I have been searching the Internet for months with many of the same symptoms and today I found your post.

My urologist who treated me for a UPJ obstruction by surgically widening the ureter (2003 and 2006) says my pain is radiating from another blockage, and that I have to have surgery again. However he put a stent in 3 weeks ago to open the blockage, and yet I still feel this lower abdomin/bladder pain.

It started with me feeling this pain for about 15 minutes in the mornings. It would wake me up and once I arose about 15 minutes later is would go away.

I've tried every thing, but I am really thinking this pain is related to digestion. Maybe even gas. But I too have a family history of cancer and am really concerned about how this problem just arose about 10 months ago and has not gone away.

Any ideas would be appreciated and maybe we can get to the bottom of this.


Hey guys, my name is Ian. I would like to know about your problem more, because something like  that is bothering my distant cousin, and I was wondering if there is a chance I can get sick too? Can you tell me more about your diet habits? Bloated abdomen is a serious thing and can be caused by a lot of different things. From appendix and hernia, to numerous types of tumors. I would like you to respond to me so I can tell my cousin if there is any kind of treatment that can make it easier. If not, than we will go to a specialist.



Have either one of you checked out Dr Schultz? I highly recommend his philosophy and method of regaining good health. It's not for the faint of heart. But it's better than constant surgeries and getting parts cut out of you.

hope you the best