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ok, so this goes back to Feb 2013. started out with what felt like a stomach virus. loads of nausea, foul stomach, frequest stools, but also frequesnt urination. when this all comes on, there is also right testical pain (which i think is from intestinal cramping). i get some right flank pain. this is always on the right side too. frequent urination kicks in with this, like peeing OFTEN sometimes every 10 minutes. i think the bulk is from something gastrointestinal related however there seems to be some urinary issues as well. i've had a tone of blood and stool tests, urine test for blood, all came back perfect every single time. i eat silly healthy, drink tons of fluids (mostly water and herbal teas), so no idea. seems to be slowly getting better but still at almost a year, i am a bit sick of it all. i've never had blood in my urine, its rarely cloudy, usually not bad smelling. early on the top of my penis did have a bit of extra sensitivity but that has subsided really. never any burning feeling when i pee, i feel it but it does not hurt at all. my lower right abdomen is sore often, not sure if thats intesttinal cramping. sometimes it will itch afterwards. 


i am lost, no idea what is wrong.



if you feel that lower abdominal pain is more related to your intestines, it might be worth checking out if you're lactose or gluten intolerant. You can try this simply by eliminating milk and dairy from your diet for a few days (same, of course, for gluten products) and watching out for any changes.

Other than this, at first it sounded like you had urinary tract infection, but if your urine tests came clear, than maybe it would make sense to re-test again. Even infections such as chlamydia might cause this type of pain, so I think either way you'll have to see your doctor again. If anything, in case infection is causing it, you'll need antibiotics to treat it.

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