This has happened to me several times before but this one was by far the worst.

I had been leading my horse around (no contact with my thumb) and my thumb just started to hurt. It started out small and irritating but quickly grew. The pain was located on the side of the nuckle (where it rounds out) and right below the corner of the nail. After the dull pain, it became sever and felt like a bad pinched nerve or something like that. It began to swell and get numb to the point that I couldn't move it. This was a constant pain for a few minutes but then it slowly subsided and left me with a swollen and bruised thumb. After that, it was a little more sensative but basically like pain with any normal bruise. The bruise was small and very concentrated. It has now been 4 days and the bruise is gone and everything is back to normal.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Does anyone have any ideas of what it is?