Now, this may be a long post but I really need ideas/help. I'm in my mid teens and it all started two years ago.

In March 2010, I had a terrible stomach bug, I thought nothing of it, it passed after a few days and I was fine. However, for a year or so afterwards I'd get bouts of diarrhea and stomach cramping about every month. I went to the doctors and had blood tests and everything was fine, he said it may just be IBS (as IBS does run in my family).

After this year or so, in 2011, things started to get progressively better, the diarrhea pretty much stopped but that's when I noticed the acid. I have terrible acid, Gaviscon is a life saver! I then started to realise that I have very similar symptoms of GERD (Yellow-ish stools, mucas-y stools, wind, hot sulphur smelling wind/stools, acid regurgitation, etc), so, I self diagnosed myself with GERD. I also realised that certain foods and drinks, such as things with caffine in, made my symptoms worse (which is another symptom of GERD) so I changed my lifestyle and things started to improve, again.

Now we're in 2012, things have been looking up, my stomach seems to be much better and I dont seem to get my symptoms as much anymore. But when I do get my symptoms of GERD they seem to be linking in with my period?! As I am in my mid teens, my periods and hormones are completely all over the place, but when I'm due on, I always seem to get these 'GERD symptoms' and then when I do have my period I'm pretty much okay.

But this week, my stomach has taken a turn for the worse, it even woke me up in the middle of the night. I am due on this week, but its not usually as bad as this. I also noticed red in my stools (I have been eating red fruits such as cranberries so it could be from this) but I am worried, (I also noticed my tongue is a more purple/greyish colour than usual if that has anything to do with my stomach?!) I thought everything was getting better and then it just comes back and smacks me in the face.

So, basically, ever since I had this terrible stomach bug from two years ago, my stomach hasn't been normal. I will appreciate all the help and ideas I get!