Hi all.....i'm a 36year old female and for last 3+ years have been suffering general digestive discomfort.  It started off at first being occasional wind, acid reflux/indigestion, burping and a slight stabbing/throbbing pain in my upper right abdomen, just under the right side of my rib cage. I passed this off as just bad indigestion or IBS-type symptoms, but the symptoms got worse and the pain in my side much more intense.  It doesn't seem to matter what i eat, but sometimes i get the cold sweats in the mornings & after eating, but i haven't been able to identify any trigger foods.  I also have an intermittant lack of appetite with a feeling of fullness, like the food in my intestines isnt digestng quickly enough..i used to get a rotten taste coming up my throat from my stomach that tasted like rotten veg, but luckily i havent had that for about 4 months!

Last September i went to the doctors about it as it was getting to a point where the symptoms were affecting my day to day life - i'd stopped wanting to go out socially as i felt uncomfortable alot and just felt so tired all the time.   I had an ultrasound which showed Uterine Fibroids and Gallbladder Polyps, but both of these things were dismissed as the cause for my symptoms, despite my symptoms being very similar to Gallstones, and i was offered to be put on pain management for my symptoms - no offer of any further tests and the consultant even said to me "you're far too young to have anything serious wrong with you", which i found a little dismissive and not very helpful.

I was luckily able to go private for a second opinion, but this consultant also won't consider the Gallbladder Polpys as a cause as they are apparently too small (by 1mm).  There are numerous polpys according to the consultant (although i dont know the exact number), with the largest being 4mm.   In my mind, surely lots of small ones could have the same effect as one large one?     Im kind of at my wits end now, as had endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy which showed nothing of concern, and now the consultant just wants to put it all down to IBS.  

I cant seem to find much information on Gallbladder Polpys online and there doesn't seem to be much research that has been done on them.....it makes me wonder how many people that have been diagnosed with IBS also have Gallbladder Polyps, and why aren't polpys considered more as a source of Gallbladder type symptoms where stones aren't present?   It also makes me wonder how many people are just being put on pain management without a second thought.