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I had my gallbladder removed just a year ago, I have IBS and recently had an endoscopy and this showed I had a Hiateul Hernia the type in your stomach esophagus which opens and closes allowing acid back up.

I have always suffered from stomach pains for sometime with my IBS, just recently I have had a dull ache and stomach pain relieved by meals but the pain has been there for five days now. I am using some Omprazole for the acid-reflux but the dull aches and pain are not going, I belch alot and hope this shifts the pain but it has not so far. Could this be the gallbladder removal or the hernia or the IBS perhaps all three. I am reasonably careful what I eat although I do eat meat quite often mostly white meat anyone else seem similar?


It sounds like that hernia is going to be a problem. This is my thought. I would move toward a solution for that problem, which may relieve some of your other symptoms. The meds will take care of the symptoms, but the problem is still there. Check into it. Your doctor has probably suggested some solutions. Do your homework on those options and then make a choice that you are reasonably comfortable with. Good luck...I hope that you will be feeling better very soon.