Hi everyone,

For the past 6 years, I've been experiencing constant epigastric (mid-upper abdomen) pain. The intensity of the pain varies and typically is accentuated after a meal. The pain has never been excruciating though.


Here are the other symptoms I've had or still have:


- Loose stools since the beginning...become formed after I started taking good probiotics (Metagenics)

- Upper abdominal bloating in a band like pattern- Difficulty in digesting fatty/greasy food (mostly french fries when eating out)...accompanies by burping 6-7 hours later (only after eating fatty food)

- 3 years ago, I started experiencing lower abdominal pressure/bloating below the belly button. Not relieves by anti-gas meds. Comes and goes throughout the day, no real pattern.

- Chronic cough (perhaps GERD?  although it was never diagnosed)

- Bitter taste in mouth after some meals


I've had a battery of tests done:


- Blood tests: normal

- Upper endoscopy: done twice, normal (mild esophagitis in the second one last year)

- Colonoscopy: normal

- CT scan of abdomen: normal

- Ultrasound (x2): normal

- Stools tests (CDSA): parasite found, treated with anti-biotics -- no effect on symptoms

- Hydrogen breath tests (lactose, fructose, SIBO): normal

- Meckels scan: normal

- HIDA scan: abnormal @ 11%


Doc referred me to Surgeon who suggests that removing the gallbladder should take care of most of my symptoms. They're unsure about the lower abdominal symptoms, but the Surgeon said it could be IBS.


Anyway, I'm concerned that since some of my symptoms are not typical of gallbladder dyskinesia (no diarrhea, no nausea, no vomitting, no upper-right quadrant pain), I may not get relief from my other symptoms. Granted, there's no way to know until it's removed.


Has anyone else experienced similar atypical symptoms and been diagnosed with gallbladder dyskinesia? If so, have you had your gallbladder removed and did you experience some relief?


Thanks in advance!