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I have stomach problems and sometimes I cant ware jeans or ware anything to tight. I have diarea, and sometimes i want to vomit.
My blood pressure has been 106-64 and sometimes it will go to 139-79. I cant loose weight I have tried. I also do not eat as much as used to which a lot has to do with my stomach hurting and cant poop. I weigh 164. I am tired all the time.
Could you please help me out. My age is 28.
Thank you,

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Hello there Celena

It seems that you have very sensitive stomach and you must do something about this. Although no one likes to see a doctor and especially paying that bill and we always try to find some other way to fix ourselves I think that in your case making appointment at the doctor’s office is essential for your health.

I have sensitive stomach and I was trying to lose weight on so many ways that I don’t remember the count. When I have realized that nothing is happening no matter what I do I have visited my doctor who told me to visit the nutritionist. He did some tests and has put me on a special diet. Since then my stomach problems are almost gone. I am aware what should I avoid and when I don’t touch the food I shouldn’t I am fine. I advise you to do the same.