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This drug is going to be one of the horror stories you hear about in 10 years time. I was on depo for four years. I decided to go off the drug when I read that it caused brittle bones in some people; and my husband decided to have a vasectomy.

My last injection was due in August 2008. It is now January 2009 and I am not a shadow of my former self.

I have constant nausea, sore breasts, depression and the most unbelievable headaches that make me think I am going to have a stroke. I have been to the emergency room countless times for pain relief.

I have been diagnosed with migraines/tension headaches and my doctor says it's nothing to do with depo. Funny that I never had any of these symptoms before the drug. It is evil and I believe your body eventually relies on it to function. I am even tempted to have the injection again just to feel normal.

I hate the way I feel - I have never been so miserable in my life; someone needs to take on these bastards that supply it. It is ruining peoples lives.


I have been on Depo for 12 years and I loved it while I was on it. At first I had the mood swings and all but I quickly figured out that it was the shot and was able to curb my outbursts. I never gained weight because I have always kept really active and ate correctly. I was warned that you can bleed for up to six months off so that has not been a shock. What's shocked me is that after the shot started to wear off after my last round I started to gain weight rapidly. I gained 20 pounds in just under two months. I rollerblade almost 7 miles every day and eat healthy. I am freaking out because I am totally bloated, and can't seem to lose a pound... I don't fit into any of my clothes and it seems that no matter what I do I don't lose any weight. Luckily I stepped up my workouts when I started to gain weight so at least I have not gained anymore. I am just really frustrated. I thought that I would lose weight when I went off, but it seems with me that it has been just the opposite.


Like everyone else here, I thought I was losing my mind after starting Depo. I only had one injection back in Sept 08. Immediately after taking the shot I started having hot flashes and terrible mood swings. I guess I got a little taste of what menopause feels like. Within 2 weeks of taking the shot, I gained 15 lbs. In the three months following the shot, I gained a total of 30 lbs. I was just hungry all of the time, and the depression I felt didn't help my eating habits either. Almost all of the weight I gained was in my belly and my breasts. I looked like I was 6 months pregnant and went from a size 18 to a size 26.
Because of the weight gain and the depression I decided not to get my second shot which was due Dec 12. Since the end of Nov. I have had a period every two weeks. My last one was three weeks ago, so I thought that maybe I was done with it. Then two days ago, I started again, except it was just a little different this time. I had light spotting the first day. Full on heavy bleeding for about 4 hours the second day. Very light spotting for a couple of hours the third day and then it stopped completely. I have also had nausea just in the morning for the past three days (didn't have that before even when first coming off the shot), the area around my nipples started developing bumps and is darker, my actual nipples look like they have white splotches on them (like they did when I was breast feeding my daughter), and they itch like crazy. So does my abdomen (itching like that was one of the problems I had when I was pregnant with my daughter). I also have been having severe headaches and am so tired most of the time lately, I don't want to do anything. I'm now trying to lose some of this weight I put on while on the shot, but it's proving to be more difficult than usual.
I was starting to wonder if I was pregnant since my hubby and I haven't used any sort of protection since going off the shot. I'm glad I didn't go out and waste the money on a hp test after seeing that these symptoms are actually somewhat normal. I just wonder why nobody made us aware of the side effects of this drug.


ok so its 1/26/09 my shot was due on 1/15/09 im so nausea i cant eat i have been like this for about 2 weeks and also in that 2 weeks i have went from a very small b cup to almost a full c and they feel like they are being ripped off i cant even wear a bra my nipples burn and i feel like lighting bolts are shooting out of them im having constant headaches im having hot flashes and i wanna cry over every little thing please tell me this is just withdrawal from the shot?!?!?!?! Would i be feeling it that quick or does this sound more like pregnancy??



I was on depo for about 5 years before getting married in oct 2001. I decided to get off and had my first child in August 2003. I got back on the shot about the end of 2003 and just decided to try for another child. My last shot was due the beginning of December. I have experienced the nausea, headaches, and mood swings luckily not the sore breasts. I do not remember these things the first time I came off the shot. Oh and still no period. I would usually get one when it came time for my shot (only if I waited toward the end of my 2 week window) but since coming off of the shot...Nothing! :'(

To reply to the previous I don't remember how long it was before the symptoms mostly because I was not so sure they were a direct result of the depo. But a pregnancy test is only around $10. I couldn't hurt. :'(


hello ladys...

I have been on depo since my son was born in dec 2001... i had the leep in oct the 30th to be precise... (cervial Cancer) So I was told by my obgyn to stop depo... so i did well I have had sex 2x since the 1st of Jan that was when I was released from Dr. So 1st time was jan 10 2nd time was jan 24th.. both unprotected w long time partner... im haveing lower back pains, stomach cramps, sore really sore breast, nipples, nausea, dizzyness, ect same semptoms as most of u.. the 17th of jan i had spoting that i thought was the start of a period.. WRONG.. i have taken 3 hpt and all were neg... I am now geting a small dark line from my pelvic to my belly button, and darkening aerola, and spots on my forehead..
so if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE Feel free to comment... i am freaking out... is there a chance i am prego but not far enough along to have anything show up on a hpt? PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

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hello ladies! i was on the depo for about 2 years, I stopped and about a year later i decided to start over with it and got my first shot again after a year of being off of it. It only took this one shot to take my period away again completely, i have been having lots of cramps and hot flashes, mood swings, feeling pregnant, weight gain. I was supposed to get my second shot again on January of this year but decided not too since it's been horrible. I still haven't gotten my period. Don't get on this nightmare ladies! it's awful!


when i started the shot, i was 16, and it was a few months before i started working at a pizza place as a server.... i gained a lot of weight, and i just associated it with my employee discount.... i weighed about 110 when i started and ballooned up to about 130 within the first year, i'm 20 now, and i am 152 pounds now, i have been working out religiously on the treadmill everyday for a month now to try to lose some of the weight, but i have not really lost anything, and anything i lose *2 lbs max* i gain back within a day or two.

i decided not to continue with my shot anymore, i got my last one 31dec08.

and i have actually kept a pair of my old jeans *from about 125lbs* that i hope to fit into someday....


I am 16 and i took the depo shot probably 2 or 3 times and ive been off of it for almost a year and i have had maybe 5 periods since and i haven't had a period for the last 2 or 3 months. Is there a possibility that im pregnant or is this just normal? I have been reading and many people say its hard to get pregnant after taking that shot but i still don't think these messed up periods for this long is normal.


I had my first depo shot in December 2007, i was using it for about a year. Friends, family and doctors all told me it was fine.

Me and my partner decided that we wanted to conceive this year (2009) so i took myself off the depo shot aware that it may take a long time (up to a year according the the research we have done) to concieve.

My shot would have been due on 22nd December 2008, which i obviously did not have. It's not been 61 days, i have not had a period and according to my TTC charting that i'm doing i have not even ovulated yet.

On top of this i've been very unwell since coming off the depo, symptoms similar to pregnancy but have taken a number of test all negative.

I'm finding this all very stressful and upsetting, and i'm so worried that depo has ruined our chances of having a baby. We so badly want a family.

I'm finding it very hard to cope, i advise all to aviod the depo.

Anyone have any good stories about the depo?


hi i was on the depo 4 yrs ago it took 18 months for me to fall pregnant and my body to completely go back to normal. i made the mistake of going on it again and only had one shot since then have experienced all of the above symptoms whereas before i didn't i had no weight gain etc. my last shot was due in oct 08 and its now feb 09 still no period and extremely sore breasts also have pins and needles and all of the above complaints needless to say i will not be using the depo again even my nurse has advised the old fashioned method of condoms for birth control and told me to have a break so my body can find its cycle again so it is possible to fall pg it just takes a while this is my own experience and many people i know so keep positive


Wow. I feel so connected to you all. I started Depo Sept 2008. I've only had 2 shots. I am not going to get my March shot b/c of the symptoms I'm having that all match what I've seen from you and other sites. Of course I haven't come off yet, and now I'm petrified of the withdrawal.

I almost wonder if while you are on it as it decreases when you get close to your next shot due date that you go into a mode of side effects? When I was to receive my Dec shot, about 3 days before, I went on a crying binge. I freaked out. Got my shot and I was fine for a week. Since then I have been a tad paranoid, sad, etc. Since going on the shot in Sept I've gained 15 - 20 lbs. I flipped out on my coworkers this past Friday, for not inviting me to lunch. I've quizzed my closest friends and they all agree that I'm so not like that and I'm usually the most even keeled person they know. I never had problems on the pill, except I'd forget to take it once in awhile, I assumed I'd be fine on the shot. Boy, was I apparently wrong.

Have any of you attempted an anti-anxiety drug while coming off the shot for the mood swings? I'm going to see my dr tomorrow and talk to them about this. I can't be this moody person at work. I'm on the outside of my body SCREAMING "STOP" and I can't. It's awful. I just rant.

Also, I'm having other issues that I think are related to the shot and wondering if any one else has experienced them - my heart is racing, a constant headache, head feels like it is spinning and my face will be ON FIRE, but no fever...


I was on the depo shot for 19 months, a month after i had my son. Before i had my son i didn't use any kind of birth control. After getting off the shot i have felt really good. I don't have mood swings any more, and i feel like my old self. The depo shot is very bad. When i was on the shot me and my hubby only had sex once a month and now we have sex sometimes 2 to 3 times a night. I ve only been off the shot for 2 weeks but i feel great, and like i can do anything. I would not recommend the shot. It takes away your sex drive and makes you depressed.


I wrote 2 days ago... I went to the Dr and while I was there went into a panic attack. I never had panic attacks until Depo. Since one of the side effects is nervousness... we think my 'nervousness' turned into anxiety in the 9th degree. It was agreed that the Depo was not for me and that my problems were caused by the depo.

I ignored so much b/c I wanted to give my body time to adjust and I wish I had just never had that 2nd shot. Fortunately, my coworkers seem to have forgiven me for my 4 hour outburst on them Friday. I have been place on Paxil to help with the moodiness and panic attacks. I am actually shaking as I type this... I think I'm on a verge now of one, but I'm trying to remain calm. I would NEVER recommend the shot for anyone. Not even my worst enemy.

I've had my period for the entire month of February, so I didn't even get a break there. This is not a drug for everyone and I'm highly opposed to it now. I just hope none of us have permanent damage.


I have been on Depro-vera since 96 yes 96 until August 09, I did have a 1 year brerak inbetween a few years back but decided to go back on it.

Anyways I am 44yrs old lost the man I was very madly in love with due to the long term affects of explain I started to become very withdrawn and tired I did not want to participate in any activitys and just wanted to lock myself away from the world. it was hard to even get up in the mornings, and I work in exec management so I am under a considerable amount of pressure (as are we all)I went back to the UK where I come from originally and saw a doctor there, who thought it was early menopause stages, remeber ladies that symptoms of the menopause can appear 10 years before you actually go through the change of life..............anyways I returned to the US and had blood tests done and this is what I learnt which had also been stated to me in the UK.
Deprovera over a period of time will drop your estrogen levels in some case's so badly as was mine, that its nearly impossibe to function correctaly it can create a bad homone tests showed that I was not going thrpugh the menopause but I was seriuosly low due to depo on my estrogen levels....
I was put onto Pristiq an anti depressent to my horror, but was at my wits end willing to try anything,this I was told was to basically spark me up and let me get my estrogen levels back to normal, as I had ceased taking Depo and could fall into even more depression coming of it.

1st period last month Jan 09
Sore boobs :cry:
Noticed a compleat turn around in my personality I am very happy go lucky again.
Get a few bad heads.
Dizzy spells.
Lost the boyfriend he could not seem to understand or help me and ended it.............probably a blessing in disguise lol.

So please ladies if you are having problems coming of Deprovera then get your estrogen checked out and your symptoms may decrease some what.

Good luck everyone I hope this helps at least one of you!! :D