I couldn't really find answers to my specific question when Googling, so I'm asking here. About two weeks ago I got conditioner in my eye. The next day I got a stye and later that night it popped. Well, fast forward and now I have a small bump where it used to be. I can't tell if it's still a stye or if it turned into a chalazion. If I put a warm cloth on it, it will eventually create a small white bump which then pops, but it doesn't go away and when I put a warm cloth on it, another white bump appears (Which then pops, thus continuing the cycle) it has "popped" about three times since the first time. It doesn't hurt at all, and it's barely noticeable. I looked up both a stye and chalazion and I can't tell which one I have, I've seen multiple images that look like mine but both say it's either a stye or chalazion. I can provide pictures of it if I necessary.