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im a teenager and its enbarrising with a huge eyelid i dons no what do! I've hade it for about 2 weeks and it has just gotten worst. what she i do?


It could be a Sty (stye)
It could be an ingrown eyelash
It could be bacteria that has caused the pore to clog up and oil build up within
It could be a Chalazion.

Google Sty or Chalazion for more info.

If you use oily eye makeup remover, it's probably a closed pore with oil building up and can not get out. Be sure next time after you use the make up remover to use a soap and warm water so it doesnt clog another pore.

The BEST way to know for sure what it is, would be to see an OPTHAMOLOGIST (they are the ONLY ones that can do surgery, except for a plastic NOT waste time or money going to an optometrist or a regular doctor.

Tobrex can be applied and may help. But in many cases surgery is necessary, although you could have it re-occur so you really need to be careful about washing your eyelids more carefully OR if you sweat alot to wash well as soon as you can. Keep dirty fingers off your eye lids. Wash your hands often with anti bacterial soap.

moist heat (not too hot) can be applied with wash cloth several times a day but that may not help it go away completely


Hey everybody. Listen, I have a question for you. Are you a male or a female because if you are wearing makeup often, that could be the trigger for your eye issue. Puffy eyelid could be caused by many allergies. Did you check for allergies at all? Are you allergic to any kind of material? This is very important. Also, we might be talking about conjuctivitis or styes and many more. The best way for you to know what is happening to you is to go and consult with someone professional, go to your doctor or dermatologist and they will know what to do next.