Hi, I've had a problem with a chalazion/stye for almost a year now. Originally just had a very mild chalazion on my left eye, which after a few months turned into a full on bulging stye. After several months of it not dissapear with hot compresses, liquid and gel solutions and a generic antibiotic, an incision was made to remove it by my opthometrist. 

Unfortunately it wasn't even two weeks before the stye returned at full force. After that I continued with hot compresses, different types of antibacterial gels and drops and have now been on Doxycycline for about 4 months. At about a month after taking the Doxycycline I had a second incision to drain the stye of all the pus building inside, however after a week, the stye was back to its original, bloodshot state. I have tried everything to avoid surgery and was wondering what I may be doing wrong. I do try to keep hygiene a priority and have thrown out my make up twice now, however my job requires me to cover long hours and look presentable so I can't take the time and effort to treat it 100% as I know I should be. What else can I do?