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hi people, haaha

well i was hoping that you could help me, today i woke up to my eye hurting really badly, if you cant tell cause its almost 2am, but it was hurting around 1am, and i started itching it, then a couple eyelashes fell out, and i have been looking threw the internet trying to figure out what is wrong with my left upper eyelid. So i went into the bathroom, and looked in the mirror, lifted up my eyelid, and saw a little lump on my eyelid, but it is a little red, and it is hurting, i dont know weither it is a stye or a cyst. and i dont know what i should do for it, because it hurts, and it is rubbing against my eye, and i dont want anything to be spread in or on my eye. So i am nervous...and when i went looking on the internet, i found out that people have said to put warm/hot water on it, and keep doing that every 2 hours, should i do that? and this one girl said to softly put my nail over it and see if it pops, but im not going to do that...i dont think that is smart, cause you could just be adding more problems to it. Then i heard that sometimes a stye can be formed from eyelashes that didnt come threw, that they got stuck in the that true.

well i just need some help, please. i am really worried, and i dont know what to do, and the worst part about it is that my mom has gotten laid off, and i am not old enough to have a 15 years old, and so we dont have that kind of money to get it removed... and i would really really like to make it be gone. please help.



this does sound like a stye, a localised infection at the base of your eyelash (basically a little spot) they are painful and annoying but absolutely nothing to worry about.

you can bathe your eye with warm salt water if necessary (if its a bit oozy) but otherwise leave it well alone and it'll go within a couple of days.

If you find that your eye is streaming with tears, very itchy and / or discharging a thick stringy gunk then you need to get to the chemist and get an antibiotic cream for conjunctivitis ( a general eye infection, again nothing to worry about but they can start out quite similar in presentation)

Hope this helps