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Hi all, thought I'd chart a diary of my tonsillectomy recovery process whilst its all still fresh in my head and list what seems to be working recovery wise for me in the case that it helps you.

Bit of background info. I'm a 28 y/r old male from the UK.


Day 1 (Operation: 3pm Friday 12th October)

Had my operation at 3pm. I remember coming round from the operation high on Morphine and experiencing very little pain, just a slight sore throat. Pretty much straight away from the op I was sipping on water in order to keep my throat hydrated as I read that was important in recovery. About two hours after my operation I managed to eat a bowl of chips, tomato soup and apple pie and custard which was a pleasant suprise as I didn't expect to be able to do this. I was originally scheduled to go home at 8.30pm but due to my oxygen levels being low I was required to stay in hospital overnight. My uvala did seem to be swollen though as I remember struggling to breath with it. Steroid's for it seemed to cure it mind you.


Day 2 (Returning home)

Armed with a prescription of Paracetamol and Codeine (30mg) I was discharged at 10.30am after having managed to eat Toast and marmalade without any problems at all. Got home and pretty much spent the day in bed due to the Codeine making me drowsy as hell. I made sure I consistantly sipped from water, took my meds at the prescribed times (every 4-6 hours), snacked on crisps when not eating main meals. Had 4 slices of toast for lunch, and Pie, Chips and Pea's for tea. All which went down with no problems. Had little pain in my throat too so all is good so far


Day 3

Pretty much the same as Day 2. Tried to eat as much and drink as much as possible. Lots of toast, water, crisps and fruit, but instead of a solid tea I had soup and toast. (mainly due to having nothing solid in the house lol). Pain in throat seems slightly worse and my breath has gone foul smelling. Most likely due to the scabs forming but generally on the whole the pain is managable. Only issue is the codeine dose I'm on making me feel like doing nothing but sleeping, so will be reducing my dose from two tablets every 4-6 hours to one on day 4 to see if that works.


Day 4Pain in throat seems slightly worse today, most likely the scabbing has begun in earnest. My breath smells vile according to my partner. Still managing to eat and drink well though which is keeping my energy levels going. Have reduced my codeine intake to one pill per 4-6 hours too which seems to be working OK. I'm sure the test will come tonight mind you. Sleep wise, I'm getting good nights sleep, only waking up a few times in the night needing a sip of water, or the toilet - but I used to do this pretty much every night anyway so it's nothing major for me. Might be off out for lunch tonight to a restaurant

Overall, the pain has been nothing like the horror stories on the internet (And I thought it'd affect me as I'm nearly in my 30's)


What seems to be working for me in reducing the pain threshold is:1. DRINK WATER. I'm probably on about 6/7 pint sized glasses a day. Sipping constantly. Have to use the toilet regularly too due to it, but it keeps my throat hydrated and I rarely seem to get a very dry throat in the middle of the night due becoming dehydrated2. KEEP EATING. Even if its not full meals, stuff like nibbling on crisps, grapes, apples, chewing gum, it keeps you swallowing and so the throat doesn't have time to settle and become discomforted

3. GETTING PLENTY OF REST. If you need to sleep, sleep. I went out on day 3 for a few hours to church and it wiped me out and I needed sleep when I got home. Dont forget that rest is important in recovery processes too.


Here's to a comfortable Day 5 ;)


End of Day 4 - Morning of Day 5

Went out last night for tea. Had Thai (Chicken, Roast Pork, Prawns, Veg on steamed rice) with no problems at all. Went to sleep pretty much straight after coming home.  This morning was fine apart from a slightly dry throat which went away after my meds and water had kicked in. Had some toast and jam for breakfast with no problems. Still hungry so about to have a sausage, egg and bacon muffin ;)

Only issues there seems to be at the moment is feeling a bit of pain if I havent taken my meds straight after waking up. And I wake up occasionally in the middle of the night with a dry throat which is why I have a glass of water by my bed so I can take a few sips. Will admit that this would be twice as hard if I didn't have my med combo of Codeine/Paracetamol to hand. I'm actually running out of these so will be ringing my doctors later to ask for some more.

If this recovery continues the way it has so far, I can see myself being recovered by the weekend hopefully as the scabbing process must be well underway and the scabs should start falling off in a day or two :)



Also forgot to mention that reducing my medicine intake didn't work as the pain was pretty strong, so I'm back to the original dose prescribed and will continue this til the weekend I think (Which will be day 7/8)


Hey! im in the middle of my tonsillectomy recovery, and I just wanted to tell you what the actual hell! you are wolverine or something like that! I can't imagine the pain of eating a toast or chips... FYI, im not english or australian so the diet for the surgical post-surgery in my country is pretty much ice cream and mashed potato all day long, not one single hard or crispy meal like toast. Also, I wanted to tell you that you are healing super fast, I mean faster than normal... This is my 5 day and I feel like a zombie, my ears hurt like hell, Sometimes I cant even swallow... Maybe the brittish diet is the best way to go after all...