I was on methadone for 3 very successful years after 2 years of insane abuse of opiates prescribed for a fractured L-4 fracture & 3 damaged discs. After 9 months clean & free from methadone I knew myself well enuf to know the old me was just looking for a reason to use. So to prevent relapse I found Suboxone which worked great for 3 years! Now it's taken 2 years to wean from 32 mgs of suboxone down to 1.5 mgs of suboxone! Today is day 9(4 days of nothing & 5 days of just 1.5 mgs within a 24 hour period).Since I had so much trouble weaning down from 2mgs I have learned that if i abstain between 3-5 days & puposely put myself in acute withdrawal then whatever mg i give myself my body is happy with! i weaned down to 16mgs from 32mgs with ease, it took a year to get from 16mgs down to 8mgs. then i began having difficulty getting under 8mgs, once making it to 4mgs then 2mgs but bounced back up to 8mgs because i work a mans job! im a female stock boss for a huge grocery store! Anyhow the struggle to wean down from 8mgs is what lead to my abstaining from suboxone for 4 days & since I had the flu anyhow it made not taking any suboxone easy since night& days ran into each other, then day 5 hit & at 10:37am last friday I realized I was in acute withdrawal so I cut a 1.5 mg sliver & had relief with in 25 minutes & passed out from sheer exhaustion after the previous 3 hours of Oh my gosh im going to fricken die kind of withdrawals.Today is day 5 of taking only 1.5 mgs within a 24 he period & last night oddly was the first night I struggled with sleep. My back was killing me & I knew when 6am hit that I couldn't wait another moment b4 taking my 1.5 mgs of suboxone! I return to work tonight, my job is physical & I just wondered how much longer it will take b4 my body is okay with the new dose of 1.5mgs. I was taking 8mgs a day(one 8mg film strip a day) 4mgs upon waking 6am & the other half of the strip 3 hours after i get to work around 8 pm! I'm hoping the exercise from my job will help! I want off suboxone! I've been opiate free for over 8 years thanks to recovery medicines like suboxone & methadone but now I'm ready to work towards getting off! My plan is to wean another .5 mgs down to 1mg, only after my body gets comfortable on this 1.5mg dose. How long can I expect to feel like c**p on my new mg amount? Is there anything I can do or take to minimize withdrawal symptoms? I have a bottle of trazadone & a bottle of xanex! I only take if withdrawals to extreme! I'm pretty tuff mentally & only took my very 1st trazadone last night! Thanks for any help or advice!!