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Eating a nutritious and balanced diet is an essential part of anyone's health, whether you are on a weight loss journey or just trying to look after your body.

But knowing where to start can be quite the challenge! We put together 10 easy tips to improve your health, to start you off.

Are you drinking enough?

When we think about diet, we rarely think about the drinks we consume. Many people rely on juices, soft drinks, or tea and coffee throughout the day. This can cause dehydration and is very bad for your health. Make water your main drink throughout the day, and your health will definitely improve your skin may look more radiant, if you had headaches, they may go away, and you could feel more energetic.

What kind of fat are you eating?

The dieting world is all about cutting fat out of our lives, or so it seems. Of course, reducing the amount of fat you consume does help you with weight loss, and it is certainly true that many people have a high percentage of fats on their daily menu. Low fat may be good, but we were never meant to shun fats entirely. So stay away from trans fats and junk food as much as possible, and turn to good fats instead. Some great sources of healthy fats include avocados, nuts, non-saturated oils like olive oil, and fatty fish like salmon.

Too much alcohol?

If you like to have a drink quite often, you are not just harming your liver and altering your state of mind, but you are also pouring potentially huge amounts of calories into your body. That term "beer belly" does exist for a reason! Saying no to drink will help you lose weight and improve your health in many other ways, too. Of course, the occasional glass is definitely fine.

Eat breakfast

Too many people skip breakfast, or actually never eat it at all. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that eating a healthy, protein-rich breakfast improves a person's performance (physical and mental!). Eating a healthy breakfast also reduces the chance that you will have snack cravings later in the day greatly and those snacks would probably not have been healthy.

Cut back on sugar

Most of us are "guilty" of eating too many sugary foods, and drinking too many sugary drinks. If you have a serious sweet tooth, vowing to stop eating the things that you like best will probably not last, and may even be counterproductive and result in binging. So don't say no to your favorite treats to start with, but just commit to eating less of them. With time, you will probably "wean" from your sugar addiction, and you may be ready to replace refined sugar with, let's say, a bowl of fresh, sweet strawberries.


Vegetables should be a big part of a healthy diet. Don't skip them. They contain plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and increasing the amount of veg you eat will almost certainly help you cut the overall amount of calories you consume.


Many foods are so overly processed that there's hardly any fiber left, these days. Seek out fiber rich meals along with your low-fat diet, and you will benefit immensely. Though it is not totally clear why fiber is so important, medical research does show that low fat and high fiber is the recipe for a reduced chance of different types of cancer, and digestive disorders.

Stop eating when you feel full

If you feel obliged to "finish your plate" when you are no longer hungry just like your mom taught you, perhaps don't give in. Stop eating when you have had enough, and don't eat to the point you feel uncomfortable, or even sick. Your body will get used to that, resulting in weight gain.

Healthy snacks

Buy plenty of healthy snacks like nuts, seeds, and raisins so you will have something to munch on when those cravings hit. Healthy snacks will turn out to be quite satisfying if you have nothing else in the house. This is great for kids, too.

Meal planning

There are plenty of reasons to get into meal planning. Choosing what you will eat for the rest of the week in advance, and buying your ingredients ahead of time (unless you need specific fresh ingredients) will save time, money, and... help you lose weight and improve your health.