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I have read about so many unfavorable recoveries from a hemmrooidectomy that I thought it would be helpful to share my experience. Three years ago I had four hemmoroids removed and it wasn't as horrific as I had assumed it would be after reading others posts. The first week was rough and then the pain began to taper off. It took about four months for me to consistently have BMs without pain. I would rate the entire experience as a 4 on the scale of 1-10. (Ten being the worst and one being the best.)
Unfortunately, my surgeon could not remove them all at once so I had to go back. This surgery I just had involved the removal of one hemmoroid and a polyp (which may have developed from a thrombosis). I felt incredibly well for the first two days after surgery. I even particpated in my daughters field trip for part of the day! I virtually had no pain! My first BM came out quick and easy. Good advice was paying off. I had been eating lots of fiber foods, taking metamucil 3x a day and keeping up with the motin (800mg every 8 hours).
On the third day, I figured that things were going so well I could trade the motin in for something easier on my stomach and eat some regular food. I'm sure you can guess what happened next. The pain crept up on me. I couldn't get it under control and had to start taking both darvocet and motrin. In addition, my stools became irregular and were very hard. It took a couple of days to get that straightened out! I guess I needed to refresh my memory on how to manage myself after this surgery.

So what I hope to share with you is advice that will make your recovery easier.
~Maintain a steady level of pain medicine.
~Try to stay away from the constipating pain pills.
~Make sure you take a laxative/stool softener regularly. I take 2 senokot-s every night.
~Refrain from constipating food such as dairy products and fast foods.
~Drink lots of water.
~Soak your bottom at least 3x a day.

Best of luck to you!


Senokots? I can get those over the counter? My mistake was I didn't continue on with laxatives nor stool softeners after my 5 days of being on mineral oil.

I dont like the mineral oil so I couldn't wait to stop drinking that. But I did start on Monday drinking a glass of water with Miralax again. My stools are still not THAT soft yet.


Yes. There are two types of Senokot that you can get over the counter. Regular Senokot which is a mild vegetable laxative and Senokot-S which has both the laxative and a stool softener. I took these for a month or so last time.


Might try that Senokot-S. Had 1 hem removed a week ago and had a horrible time with pain meds constipating me, even after lots of fiber and stool softeners. Had to end up drinking magnesium citrate and gave birth 4 times, then had diarrhea. (This was Wed) still waiting for my next bm. I'm thinking that my intestines were completely empty after that horrible experience. BUT, I'm taking metamucil 3x day and 8 Colace per day. Hoping the next one will be okay. =)

Otherwise, besides my one horrible day the rest have been amazing. No pain.