Hi I am 35 years old mail. I had a stage 4 hemorrhoid for 17 years. It wasn't bothering myself a lot. It started to bleed about year ago after bowl movements. I decided to srent the doctor and discuss the options. I told her that I don't want to do the conventional method of sergury  (cutting the hemorrhoid ) which is extremely painful and very long recovery time. I asked her about newer method which called THD which doesn't include any cutting and I thought it will be pain less. So my sergury was 6 days ago with took 40 minutes. So fat it's been super painful for me. Today I had 3 bowl movement and every time I go through hell although I take the pain killers which has little help for the pain. I am very sad and disappointed. If I knew that this is gonna be that painfull I would never did that. It's amazing that some people don't have pain after 3 days. I don't know mine isn't the case.