My THD procedure took place on Dec 17th in Ft Lauderdale, Fl, so I'm about six weeks post-op. I believe that I must be somewhere between 85% and 90% healed.

Everyone is different and different Drs can have different experience and skill levels, so one should not expect the same recovery experience or results as anyone else. If you go to the THD website, they list Drs in different areas with training and experience in the procedure.

While I have to admit that the "recovery" was extremely uncomfortable, I'm literally amazed and thankful for the results.

I postponed having THD for quite a while, prolapsed hemorrhoid went from a manageable (able to reinsert) level 2/3  to an unmanageable level 4. At my suggestion we tried one dose of IRC, but, imo, it actually made the situation worse. Surgeon still believed that he could successfully perform THD, and he did.

Initially I didn't really experience "pain", but the discomfort level was extremely high, anal discharge for several weeks. Unable to comfortably sit and/or sometimes even walk, let alone be active, sleep became my friend. First bowel movement was on the second day, after that several BMs and "false alarms" all day and night, along with the constant feeling that I needed to go. Recommended that warm soaking both before and after movements are helpful, I was waking up every three hours with the urge, sometimes it was real and sometimes not. Eventually I went to two movements a day, and now am back to my before surgery routine of once a day. An important change that I made was listening very carefully to my body and not trying to tell, or force, my body into going when it wasn't ready. Your body knows when it's ready, listen to it.

I'll repeat what many others have said, after surgery discontinue using any creams and/or chemicals (Epsom salts) either directly or within baths until fully healed. Stool softeners, fiber, extra water, and a change in diet to high fiber (for me fruits like oranges and grapefruit), and soups, more so the days immediately following surgery, are recommended, and worked for me.

Don't know how it occurred, but about three or four weeks after surgery I somehow developed a small open wound which really burned and hurt worse than immediately after the procedure. Went back to the Dr, who after examining, took a swab sample of it's discharge and sent it to the lab. Haven't received the results (maybe today), but it hasn't been an issue for almost two weeks, I believe that it has healed on it's own.

Still have one small hemorrhoid, which prolapses if I apply too much pressure and then reinserts itself when I relax, but, again, I'm paying more attention to what my body tells me and not trying to force it to bend to my wishes, so I believe that it's manageable. If not, I will consider my options at the time...if needed, possibly another THD procedure.

So six weeks later, I back playing tennis balls and all my other normal activities. The difference from before the surgery and now, for me, is miraculous. As an additional bonus, I lost 10 - 12 lbs.

Good luck to all.