hi Good eve.. I had a PTB way back on 2012  and I complete my medical treatment at the same year.. all my sputum test were negative but the following month after my six month treatment  I decided to have  a chest xray, surprisingly  the result was suspicious densities are noted on both upper lobes.  suggest apicolordotic view for verification...so I thought it was nothing since I treated for six months and all my sputum test were all negative back then.. the following year 2013. I tried again for the chest xray and same result again.. then on 2014 I got my xray again and the same finding was shown . so I decided to take for another sputum test, good thing it was negative. until last year  I took again for an xray the same result as 2012 and the previous xray so I just decided for the second opinion. I told to my doctor everything in my medical history and she told me that I have scars.so she gave me a vitamins for my immune system.. however , last week I took another xray and same result again so I took another view of my xray and the result was fibrohazed opacities in both lungs, considering PTB so I was shock. so I went to the hospital for clarification they asked me to have a sputum test, so I did. is it possible that my case is a scars  because of my medical history.?  I hope that my sputum will be negative again on Monday. Or do I have  a PTB again because of my latest chest xray result?  hpoing for your immediate response. thank you and more power.