After 2months of my ACDF c5-c7 surgery, I started with throat and swelled tonsils and some time no able to talk because of the inflammation and I start feeling like something was stuck in my throat and it was painful, and I had some pain in the surgery area I visited a ENT spec, Him and my surgeon said is a matter of time. after three months of surgery my surgeon said I had to go back to normal activities so I did but I decided to watch wha I do, because I was feeling pain and tingling in my arms and in my left leg, pulling pain and some weaknesses. My throat Still with the same issues. So last August I went to see the ENT spec. again, he requested a barium exam, results everything is ok. How can be that true when I had all those symptoms then he requested a neck ct scan then he said I had a left vocal cord paralyzed he believe because of the metal hardware in my cervical spine, I didn't feel no sure about my doctor I thought if he did all the exams from the beginning May be my vocal cord would not get that damaged ?...and I could take care not to talk to much and had some work restriction at my work, then I look for a second opinion, he said I have esophagus paralyzed, I don't who is right, the second one prescript omeprazole 20mg twice a day (last November 2015) the first two weeks I felt some release of pain, but third week I starts having pain in my shoulder blades, (most in the left) tingling and numbness in my fingers, burning pain in the crow of my head tingling and like a electric shooting pain in my arms, and still the nerve pulling pain from my left hip and back through my front thigh leg just over my knee. I'm so tired and feeling this way and when I talk to my surgeon and specialist md, about my symptoms and their words sound like is nothing, I feel like my life is....... I can't do things I did before, even do simple house cleaning, cooking, at my work the same, if I knew about all this complications and I should decide to take physical therapy for the rest of my life. Just to let you know as much I read about omeprazole this is not good for our health, and doesn't help to fuse the ACDF, besides another bad side effects, so I'll stop taking this medication Today. I'll see ENT esp, next Monday too. Please, if someone have some advise please let me know, God bless everyone that is going through this problem we are the only one who knows. I'll let you know what they said. Some advices please. Thank you.