I read some old entries about problems after thyroid surgery which were identical and i was hoping someone could help me or if whomever wrote those entries could tell me what the outcome was. I had my right thyroid removed because if two tumours 8 weeks ago. Tumours were benign however this whole time i still am experiencing tightness and a choking feeling in my throat. I have no appetite. Feel very unwell. The pressing feeling in throat which comes and goes all day and night and i have a band of tightness around my neck. It causes me to cough at times. I also have a tightness when i swallow and it feels like sometimes food get stick. I am getting quite frustrated as the surgeon is saying she doesnt know why i would be feeling like this. The ent looked at my vocal cords and they were ok. He also made a comment and said dont think about it. OMG are you kidding. I am needing answers as now they have me on gaviscon and 1 tablet of somac for the acid reflux which i never had prior to surgery. I am having a ct and us on my tummy cause of the acid reflux. Can anyone share their story or give me any answers. My surgery wad 2 months ago.