I have been having this terrible pain deep inside my throat or neck on the left side for 2 months. I have acid reflux and have been taking 40 mg of Nexium over the counter twice a day. All test have come fine. Xray, 2 nuclear ct scans, stress test and ultra sound. My ENT doctor said it's complications from acid reflux and strain of my vocal chord. He told me to continue to take the Nexium and stop taking the pain killers and train myself to talk differently to avoid strain on my vocal chords. My internal medical doctor, feels the acid reflux may be some of the problem but not all of it. I had no acid reflux syptoms until I had my gall bladder removed in 12/2014. This pain is everyday and unbearable at times. I have been researching online and saw where turmeric and slippery elm helps with acid reflux and soothes throat pain. Can someone please help me.