When I was a baby, I had heart surgery. The doctor ended up accidentally damaging my left vocal cord(it runs all the way from your brain to your voice box, correct me if Im wrong. And mind you, I was a tiny baby, so everything was like, right next to eachother), to where it is actually paralyzed. This limits how loud I can talk. I cannot yell, and barely scream. I went to an ENT doctor, he gave me some choices that i could do, but said it may actually make it worse, or change my voice to a sound that i don't like. One of the choices was to do surgery, Cut through part of my throat and do surgery on it, and i think he said, to push it over a little or take a bit out, so there's more room for sound to come out. Or give me a shot, where it would swell it up a or move it over a little bit. Well, My parents would not do either of these thing. So I'm wondering, will going to a speech therapist help at all(My parents were able to consider that)? Or is there anything else that i could possibly get done that would help my voice project and/or get louder with volume. There are daily problems with me not having as loud of a voice as I'd like. No one can hear me in loud rooms unless I'm like screaming in their ear. And that hurts my throat when I try to talk so loud so people can actually hear me. And I've also been having problems with breathing, Like I will stop breathing when Im sleeping and wake up not being able to breathe. The doctor said that this could be causing that, or it could just be acid reflex(just some additional information...)
Any personal experiences?
Any help is wonderful,
Thank you (: