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For the past week my taste buds have been read and swore. What's causing this?


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I reckon it is just a reaction to food you ate! Not many mouth disorders would cause your taste buds to react in that way but hot, and spicy food may!

There is a disorder called Nicotinic Stomatitis. I appears in smokers. In this disorder, there are red and raised bumps at the back of the muscular part of the mouth, you may be mistaking them for taste buds.

If this is Nicotinic Stomatitis, it is not dangerous and it may go away if you stopped smoking for a while.

If taste buds are irritated by something hot (it could be coffee as well but I usually burn myself when cooking and then I have an irritation and pain for a few next days) they would just go away in a couple of days time. If they don’t or if you develop other accompanying symptoms, you should definitely see a dentist.