I was tested positive for chlamydia 8 weeks ago.  I took 1.25gms (3 doses of 250 mgs) of azithromicin and symptoms did not go away.  I then finished a round of Doxyciline hyclate 250 mgs (or 100mgs cant remeber) twice a day for 7 days.  It's been 15 days since I finished my doxy round and I still feel subtle symptoms, slight tingling in urination.  I read online that symptoms should be COMPLETELY gone within 14 days after doxy...should I be concerned??  My symptoms (pressure on testicles, pelvic pain, pain while urinating, lower groin pain) went down substantially since my round of doxy, but again I have minor symptoms only the subtle tingling/irritation while urinating.  All other symptoms are gone, is it common for symptoms to persist after more than two weeks after doxy??  When should I get rechecked??