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I was diagnosed with Clamidia Pneumoniae

I began to feel ill with sypmtoms of crawling skin in the genital areas, night sweats, chills, and and odd mild discomfort urinating. It was like I had the feelings of an STD but no dermatalogical (sp?) sypmtoms.

I was sent to urologist after urologist who gave me urine tests that came up negative. I was treated with Cipro twice and Bactrim DS also.

In my case this was contracted as an STD, and seemingly facing an "unknown" STD I called the CDC hotline who were quite indifferent that I insisted I had an STD when my symptoms did not match their checklist.

Eventually I found a doctor that gave me a blood test that diagnosed me with Pneumoniae Chlamydia ( Clamidia )

In my case I had prolonged suffering because my docs either did not want to spend HMO $$$ on too many tests or they were overly focused on the UTI aspects of most STDs.


Chlamydia Pneumoniae is not an STD -- it is a community acquired bacteria that usually starts in the respiratory system!! So you were scratching the wrong end, LOL!! There is no way that Chlamydia Penumoniae converts to the STD Chlamydia -- they are different strains of bacteria. See for information on Chlamydia Pneumoniae..


Urine testing methods have bn comming up with many false negatives and u may hv an STD. I would retest CT & Gonno using Direct Immunoflourescent Antibody testing. Only certain labs do to call the lab. Nxt best thing is PCR method. Do these using a cervical swab (female) or urethral swab (male). Both partners need to be treated no matter what, otherwise u just keep transferring it back & forth. And 2wk does of zithromax 1g/day is not enough...u nd a full month. Also, ck for mycoplasm & ureaplasm as well as others. Also, ck for anaerobes & aerobes in the cultures for an STI. Do fu testing & frequent testing bcos sometimes false neg come up bcos bugs are in hibernation.