So I had not had sex in over a year, about two weeks ago I had sex with my current girlfriend and a few days later she was showing symptoms(she has only been out if a relationship for 2 months) we thought it was a yeast infection but we both got tested and she received her results before me (I still don't have mine) she tested positive for chlamydia so I went and got treated for chlamydia as well. I took 1000 MG of azithromycin, the same as her and she is now symptom free after a week. It has not even been 48 hours since I took the medicine but now I have a clear, very light discharge after urination or if I squeeze the penis. It has no odor and does not hurt to pee, I do have a little discomfort or tightness in the testicles as well now. It scares me because I didn't have any symptoms before being treated or at least I didn't notice any. My results won't be back for 5 more days so should I wait it out and see if this goes away or go back to my doctor. Also what is the possibility of the same medicine that worked for her didn't work for me.