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im 20 year male im over weight i think my testerone levle is low if that is true it would explain a few think i have some facial hair id i were to compared it an 16 yr old they would have more . i would like to know how can i increase my testorne levl in a natural way and is there any other ways


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First thing you need to do is have your testosterone levels checked by a doc and not do anything on your own because you don’t know if this is true or not.

It is true that being overweight can decrease the levels of testosterone. It is thought that this is because there’s an excessive insulin that decreases production of a protein that binds testosterone in the blood
What you need to do is lose some weight. How overweight are you?

Not because of your testosterone levels but because of your overall health. Do you drink? If you do, cut down on alcohol intake, because the more you drink, the less is testosterone production.
Also, try to cut down on stress and check your cholesterol levels.

Don’t even think about using anabolic steroids to increase testosterone levels.

What about other symptoms? Do you suffer from lack of energy, diminished sex drive, mood swings, etc

Visit a doc, tell him/her what’s bothering you, tell all your symptoms. They will probably order a blood test to check for hormonal levels or maybe even order saliva test that has been done lately.


looking to increase testorene level naturally :-P