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Can any one can help me find herbs or techniques/ routines to increase Prolactin and Growth Hormone? Also how to balance estrogen and decrease testorone?

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I appreciate any helpful facts!

Thank you for your time!

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Hi Pikaa2.

Usually you can do it naturally. Food could do the trick for the balance of estrogen and decreasing the levels of testosterone. It's practically the same food and activities, because estrogen and testosterone suppress each other.
This is the food rich in estrogen and that will keep testosterone levels decreased:
Soy is the number one source because it contains high levels of estrogen, whether you consume it as a a whole bean, milk, or other products.
Red beans are also high source of estrogen and you may consider including this food into your meals. Keep in mind that eating beans is recommended not more than two times a week. Beans are also great for intestines.
Another good estrogen source are various seeds, especially sunflower and flax seed.

For lowering testosterone levels, glass of beer daily could be effective, because it's been scientifically proven that it lowers testosterone.

Consult your doctor for additional hormonal therapy, and estrogen balance vitamins and supplements, because food and drink solely cannot be efficient.