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My doc say that I have PCOS, irregular periods, metabolic syndrome and other symptoms. It's seems to be hereditary. She prescribed Glucophage, and I took 2 tab each 500 for a year. Did not cure me, infact I felt worst. I also have high cholesterol, but don't eat meat and jog 3 miles almost 5 times a week. I am prediabetic and very likely to get heart disease stroke and other fatal complications as I grow older.

Please advise me how to cure PCOS. Is there any way to reduce testerone level, which seems to be the root cause. All I am doing right now is controlling symptom by trying to reduce insulin resistance. But that is not a permanent cure.
Does exercising, weight lifting increase testerone production in my body? I need correct answers. Please advise, how I can reduce testerone level and eliminate PCOS from the root.


PCOS/PCOD is the most common female endocrine disorder due hormonal imbalance. Every women has a pair of overies with number of follicles inside them. Every month one of these follicles develops and matures to release an egg(ovum) under the influence of hormones which is called ovulation. Due to hormonal imbalances these follicles fail to expel an ovum leading to ovary getting filled with immature, which are called cysts. So the name polycystic (multiple) ovarian disease comes up. This is also called as Stein-Leventhal syndrome. 
Allopathic treatment for PCOD/PCOS include hormonal therapy. Combination of resonance homoeopathy, advanced biotechnology and ayurvedic herbs works by correcting the Pituitary-Hypothalamic axis, balancing the body's secretion of female hormones estrogen and progesterone, gently dissolving the ovarian cysts,  using bioenergetic imprints of normal ovarian tissue to coax your ovaries to resume normal functioning,  using a natural insulin-sensitizing agent to reduce elevated androgen levels and restoring proper ovulation and menstrual cycles.

Some of the frequently used remedies are OM24 PCOS formula, T9 PCOD formula, FB factor and M2 TONE tablets.