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I am a 31 year old male and have a small (feels like a bb) bump just off/possibly on the edge of my right testical. I can grab my scrotum and actually feel the bump (BB) in between my fingers, but not sure if it is attached to my testical or something around the actual testical? It is not painful and has been there for a while (at least 2 years). Any suggestions on what it is and what I should do? If it is to see a doctor, what type of doctor should I see? Thanks in advance for your help!


No matter how long it has been there, any bump anywhere on the body should be checked by a doctor including testicular bumps. This is even more important since you can’t determine for yourself where the bump is coming from.

It could be a hard cyst on testicular tube that is made of milky fluid and dead sperm cells. It forms near the top of the testicle and it is usually hard. It arises from the testicular tube that is lumpy itself and you could be easily feeling the tube lumps.

These are benign causes of bumps, the third possibility is a tumor. This is why it is important you have it checked because having a tumor for a long time is not a good sign.

However, I feel that if this were a tumor and if it has been present for two years like you said, it would probably spread to nearby lymph nodes and they would swell and you would probably notice changes. Make sure you have it checked.

An urologist deals with testicular problems, but I suppose that a GP could have a look and say if it were a tumor or not.